About me

My name is Evelin Tamm. I am coming from Estonia but currently living in Sweden, Järna.

I have been writing and reading most of my life, this is one of the main lines you can follow also in my resume.

I am interested in many things like philosophy, education, society, politics, everyday realities of children and people with less opportunities in the world, nature, outdoor education, bird watching, literature, poetry, music, singing, dancing, languages, community development, future of schools, research in education, adult learning in workplaces and as parents, human rights, learning communities in real as well as virtual communities, self developement, creativity, arts, painting, colors and their meaning and influence in our lives, ecological building, sustainable development, feminism and anarhism etc…

Here I will collect my writings and notes in English and in Swedish but I have also blogg in Estonian evelintamm.blogspot.com. mostly containing poems and articles.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Here I am, a ‘Soul Group’ member I believe!
    I mirror your interests, there must be something in that, surely?

    I will slowly make my way through your posts.

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