How to become an artist? Susanne Oertel from Basel.

Susanna Oertel

Many of us get to know quite early in life that we are not good enough painters or singers or something else.  This is probably the main reason why most of the students focus on the much more “practical” list of the school subjects already during the first five years of their school lives. Arts and music is mostly considered like something that just has to be passed. There are people who feel that these are still on the lists of compulsory subjects only out of some frozen traditional habits. The dry, demanding and boring art classes are bringing children many disappointments and feeling of exclusion, the joy of creative arts is something as rare as quality art materials in these spaces.

To make it short, becoming an artist is a luxury or a looser option. Most of us consider ourselves not to be suited of becoming an artists and therefore do not think of it as a career choice in the first place. We make that decision for life without ever having a chance to find out what does it mean to fully get engaged with colours and lines so that you forget about time and space and just play.

As a parallel stream to the development of math and languages based global curriculum (measured with PISA), there is so much talk about the need for innovative and creative people who, as some think, can save the world from the catastrophe we are heading towards in full speed.  The enterprises are crying out for creative people for better businesses and continues growth, hoping with the help of these miracle people introduce new sustainable approaches to economics.

Where can we find such special people if everyone are only interested in math and physics, the basic aim for all education is linear predictable lines in thinking?

Susanne Oertel is one of the successful women I have met who manages to combine both, “the very practical” job as a nurse in a hospital in Basel, and being a painter. In my opinion it is the creative people, like her, who will save the world from the disaster. She is one of the many who is renewing the way how Western people are looking at their working and consuming habits. She is creating global change every moment just by continuing to be herself.

Susanne has been taking part in intuitive pedagogy painting workshops with Merete Lövlie in Germany and in Sweden but also in a special workshop that was created by the artist group “Picking Apples” in Prague. Our last meeting was in Berlin, we were painting for four full days. The second day I asked Susanne to tell me more about her becoming an artist, explain what does it mean for her to take part in Meretes painting classes and what are her future projects. This interview is now available in soundcloud.