morning mist

I wish I could have stayed in the morning mist

and run away with the deers and

an elk family I met earlier today…

they were having their breakfast

on the fields of gold…

instead I returned home



vi går hand in hand
du och jag
utan ett enda ord
det snöar

–    –    –

som snöänglar
ligger vi
en kort stund
innan mörkret
innan vanligheter
och vardagar
du och jag
som älskare
i evighet

Arvo Pärt Alina!

the two violinmakers

In the room
Filled with sounds of music
The shadows of dancing women
Behind the dark windows
You can feel the blue sea
In the room
Full of love
The sounds of music
To the pleasant voice of tools and
The wood
Changing slowly form
Is the wood
In the hands of
Under the eyes of
Close to the hearts of
The two violinmakers
Day after day
Night after night
Slowly the wood
Changes its form
The women are dancing
The snow is falling
The sea behind the windows is freezing
The two men
The violinmakers
Keep molding the form of a tree
I hear the voices
The music
The tools
The sea
As the viola
Is being born

to Daniel and Jan the violinmakers who made an alt viola in Ytterjärna. The viola was born in the 11.11.2010 and had the poem written into it…

the first white day

This night it was cold and the stars where covered by the clouds. The fields and the trees nearby were freezing and turning white. White crystals were appearing everywhere. It was very quiet.

The old apple tree was standing still. It was not easy for the tree because of many red apples it had grown this year. The branches were devastated by the heaviness of them but it was not hard because of the weight of the apples, no. The reason was somewhat different. The old apple tree knew that the time had come to let the apples leave and find a good soil for the seeds.

It was a very beautiful but painful moment to notice the first snowflakes slowly dancing their way down to the earth. There was no music but one could feel the vibes of the different tones higher and lower accompanying the cold white messengers of winter.

The tree was standing there in the centre of the white cloud of snow. The leaves had not yet fallen but now it was obvious that the time has come for them to leave the old tree.

I came to visit the tree the next morning. Everything was covered by the snow. The colourful autumn had turned to wonderful white winter within one night. The sun was shining and the snow covering the trees was slowly melting because of the warmth. It felt like early spring.

There were many apples still on the tree. I picked one up from the snowy ground under the tree. It was juicy and tasty. I told to the tree that I will try to find a possibility to store some of the apples for the winter in a suitable place. The tree just looked at me and said nothing this time and I could well understand why.