Better late than never. Södertälje channel and lock passage.

We started our journey on Saturday at 18:30 from Eneby harbour close to Järna in Sweden. It is Evelin, Indrek and Rein-Martin on board of Lyra’s Star. Almost like a year before, except that R…

Source: Better late than never. Södertälje channel and lock passage.



A young man came out of the forests with a book he had managed to save from his tent filled with seawater that had risen sometimes during the night while he was in deep sleep as well as filled with lot of rum from the meeting he had had with his neighbors the evening before. He came to my house freezing, wet and having a terrible hangover to use my bath and warm himself up a bit. We opened a bottle of champagne not the real one from France but the one the intellectuals were drinking during the Soviet times. One could still experience the same kind of decadence and feel the moment of freedom as a fresh wind blowing suddenly through this God forsaken Swedish eco village filled with people all grown up in different middle-class welfare families who´s worries make me laugh or cry or want to scream of anger. We drank champagne and ate the first strawberries probably from Spain. Everything was like it should be. Calm and secure. The strawberries were quite fresh and tasted like summer. We were chatting about the accident near the sea where the water had destroyed the man´s  good night sleep. The sunset was beautiful. From my house one could enjoy a marvelous view over the fields and the forests and the village nearby.  Everything was peaceful and perfect like always. I nearly forgot my past and could live in a moment. For a short while I was like them all.

May 2011 in Järna

vi var en

jag stannade
i skogen länge
och lyssnade
hela världen
pratade med mig
jag ståd där
så lång tid
att min ensamhet
var ej synlig
en filt av moss på
låg jag där
gräset växte
genom mitt hår
och mina fingrar
började bära bär
jag stannade tills
jag blev en med skogen
vi blev en igen

Mari Kalkun Mu õnn (Min lycka)