How to write?

mina järnas 2010I have started a peer-to-peer learning blog “How to write in English?“. While taking part of three online courses to improve my writing in English I have come across a lot of useful information, tips, exercises and now I plan to share my knowledge with others. The courses that inspired me to do so are: English Composition I: Achieving Expertise held in Duke University, Writing II: Rhetorical Composing held in Ohio State University and Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade held in Mt. San Jacinto College.

My new blog “How to write?” will be a space where I intend to collect materials that have more to do with getting the first ideas, working with them, doing the editing process, than sharing the final version. It will be my online toolbox for writing that is available for everyone. “How to write?” blog will be a kind of online working space or an open writing workshop where you can drop in and look at what happens backstage of writers blogs, articles and books, what am I working with etc. Perhaps I´ll be inviting others writers contribute or share their insights. The time will show…

Since I am also teaching classes about creative writing and organising poetry workshops in Estonia and in Norway, it might happen that I post here and there a short reflection about what is going on in these spaces.

I welcome you to my “How to write?” blog and look forward of our conversations about how to write and create in words and languages. This blog will be a communicative space so please feel free to share your thoughts, links and make suggestions. If you would like to contribute, or cooperate, please send me an email tammevelin(@)

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