One day I realised that the world was talking to me more than ever before and there was a strong need to replay. I was going through the forests and everything was suddenly breathing. It was not an abstract idea of nature that is growing, I felt it with my body, I felt it with all my senses.  I knew then that trees were alive not because they said so in my biology lessons, I just knew because I had seen trees breathing…

There is a great Swedish writer Stig Claesson who describes his discussions with a wise apple tree in a book called “You sleep I will do the dishes”. Sometimes I wished I had my own apple tree to talk to…

I read a book “Women without men” written by a woman from Iran. The novel is about the voiceless women in this violent society, they try to find their way to became alive. In one episode she writes about a woman who grows herself roots and after a while branches and then the leaves come. In that way was she able to realise herself, she became free, finally… she was able to give seeds and send them with the flow of the river to meet the world…

I have been a tree whole my life, my family name means oak in Estonian. When I was a little girl I was called acorn – an oak seed. Perhaps this is why I feel so close to those writers, why I feel so close to nature.

In this blogg I want to meet myself and the world around me. I have no idea where it will lead or who is coming to join me during this journey of life, the virtual life.  I will send out the first seeds.  I have grown and become a young oak tree by now…


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